Commercials, Campaigns and Ads from Blend Out Book

26 Nov, 2021 BY Nicolle


There are a lot of GREAT marketing examples referenced throughout the book “Blend Out: From Ordinary To Irresistible: How Advisors Can Market Like The Greatest Brands In The World.”

In a recent episode of the podcast, (Pop) Culture Club, they did a review of the book.

Halfway through, Tori Levy mentioned:

“What I appreciated most from Robert Sofia is all the examples that he set out to put in the book because I felt like I was going back and forth from Googling stuff to going on Youtube and watching the marketing campaigns that he talked about.” 

That gave us an idea!

We want to help the book really come to life for our readers. And if they’re going to want to check out these commercials, campaigns, ad, and branding examples, then we’re going to make it way easier. 

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the book yet, head over here: “Blend Out: From Ordinary To Irresistible: How Advisors Can Market Like The Greatest Brands In The World.”

Here’s a roundup of the examples featured in Blend Out:

Chapter 1:

Make Yourself Impossible to Ignore

  • [Video] Stabilo – “Highlight the remarkable”  by DDB Group Düsseldorf (Pg. 15)
  • [Article] Stabilo – “Highlight the remarkable” by Digital Agency Network (Pg. 15)
  • [Article] Stabilo – “Highlight the remarkable” by Adweek (Pg. 15)
  • [Video] Apple – “Think Different” (Pg. 19)
  • [Article] Apple – “Think Different”  by Forbes (Pg. 19)
  • [Logo] Bone Fide Wealth by Douglas A. Boneparth, LLC  (Pg. 19)
  • [Video] Chipotle – “Back to Start”  (Pg. 19)
  • [Article] Chipotle – “Back to Start (Pg. 19)
  • [Video] Old Spice – “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”  by Wieden + Kennedy (Pg. 10)

Chapter 2:

What Makes Them Curious?

  • [Video] Apple store on NYC – “World Smallest Skyscraper” (Pg. 25)
  • [Article] Apple store on NYC – “World Smallest Skyscraper”  (Pg. 25)
  • [Article] KFC – “FCK”   (Pg. 25)
  • [Video] Squatty Potty – “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop”  by Bobby Edwards – (Pg. 28)
  • [Article] Squatty Potty – “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop” by PR News Wire (Pg. 28)

Chapter 3:

Unforgettable (Is That What You Are?)

  • [Video] State Farm Motto – “Jake at Statefarm”  by Barry Manilow (Pg. 24)
  • [Video] Chick-fil-A – “Eat More Chicken”  (Pg. 37)

Chapter 4:

Show Up in All the Right Places

  • [Article] Squatty Potty – “The Squatty Potty Story” (Pg. 58)
  • [Article] Shark Tank – “Shark Tank Burnin Questions” By USA Today (Pg. 58) 
  • [Article] Spotify – “How Spotify Used the Power of Data” By Smart Insights (Pg. 59)
  • [Article] Spotify – “Spotify’s New Meme-inspired Campaign” By Billboard (Pg. 59) 
  • [Article] La Croix – “The Secret History of La Croix’s label” By (Pg. 63)
  • [Article] La Croix – “The Surprising History of La Croix” By Jessica Gentile (Pg. 64)
  • [Article] La Croix – “Battle of the Bubble” By Lauren Etter and Craig Giammona (Pg. 64) 
  • [Article] La Croix – “Letter of Recommendation: LaCroix Sparkling Water” By Mary H.K. Choi (Pg. 64)
  • [Article] La Croix – “LaCroix sparkling water is little short of a religion among millennials – here’s why,” By Mina Holland (Pg. 65)
  • [Article] Uber Eats – “Inside the World’s Fastest-Growing Food Delivery Service,” By Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen (Pg. 65)

Chapter 5:

Craft an Offer They Can’t Resist

  • [Article] Chloe Ting – “Chloe Ting Challenge” By Dana Leibelson (Pg. 73)
  • [Website] “Brittany Castro” By Financially Wise Inc discussed on (Pg. 78) 
  • *BONUS* [Video] Brittany Castro – “Power Branding with Brittany Castro” By Snappy Kraken.  
  • [Article] Zappos – “Zappos’ Best Customers are also the ones who return the most orders” By Fast Company (Pg. 81)

Chapter 6:

Give Them Something to Love

  • [Video] “Quick Take: Success, Effort, and Emotion” By Temkin Group  (Pg. 92)
  • [Webpage] Zappos – “Our Ten Core Values” By Zappos (Pg. 99) 
  • [Webpage] “Financial Chef” By David Ortiz discussed on (Pg. 101)

Chapter 7:

Build on Trust: The Strongest Foundation

  • [Webpage] “The Love Page” By Snappy Kraken (Pg. 113) 
  • [Video] “Kitces & Carl Podcast EP. 35” By Michael Kitces and Carl Richards (Pg. 118)

Chapter 8:

Ten Thousand Voices: Expand Your Community

  • [Article] Harley Davidson – “Harley Davidson on the brink of bankruptcy.” By Perter C. Reid (Pg. 123)
  • [Book] Harley Davidson – “Well Made in America: Lessons from Harley-Davidson on Being the Best.” By Peter C Reid (Pg.124) 
  • [Article] Harley Davidson – “Getting Brand Communities Right.” By Susan Fournier & Lara Lee (Pg. 125) 
  • [Video] Dove – “Dove: Real Beauty Sketches” (Pg. 134)

Chapter 9:

Set Your Growth on Autopilot

  • [Video] “The Cold to Gold Framework” by Snappy Kraken (Pg. 140-150)
  • [Article] “The importance of nurturing Clients” by Ron Carson Founder of Carson Group (Pg. 111)


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