Behind the Campaign: Retirement Income Teeter-Totter

13 Oct, 2020 BY Tyler


If you’re going to get attention with your marketing, you’ve got to think creatively.

But, creativity is a loaded word.

Most people think that flexing your creative muscle is about creating something new.

It’s not.

It’s about connecting and positioning existing ideas in interesting new ways.

Sure, you can take vital information and subject matter expertise…but people won’t take notice until you make it remarkable.

When the Product Team gets together to build out a campaign, they dedicate time to discuss what the unique approach and “hook” is going to be.

In the first episode of Behind the Campaign, the team talked about how they used visuals to create interest and hook readers for the Retiring In Uncertain Times Campaign.

This time around, they focused a lot on how to pair words and visuals in familiar, yet novel ways.

This episode revolves around the Retirement Income Teeter-Totter Lead Generation Campaign.

You’ll get a front-row seat on how the team arranges landing and confirmation pages.

Hint: It’s never accidental. Every detail you see on the page has a job to do.

Watch the video below.


The Campaign:

Title: Retirement Income Teeter-Totter

Type: Lead Generation

Description: Nurture existing prospects by highlighting the dangers of leaving retirement income at risk of market vagaries or waiting too late to enroll; and emphasizing your ability to help them make the right choices. The lead magnet is designed to be “precisely vague” by providing good advice, but opening a curiosity loop with critical questions in the conclusion that the prospect must work with you to resolve.

Target Audience: HNW investors within 5 years before or in retirement.

Primary Outcome/Action: Email opt-in by downloading lead magnet.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Asking a question, requesting an appointment, sharing, forwarding email, etc.

Lead Magnet Title: The Retirement Income Teeter-Totter

The Guests:

  • Patrice Kelly, CCO at Snappy Kraken
  • Francesca McLin, CPO at Snappy Kraken
  • Angel Gonzalez, CMO at Snappy Kraken

The Takeaways:

  • Why pairing unique imagery with boring topics perform better
  • How taking timely topics and unusual imagery leads to conversion
  • You don’t create something new in marketing, you take the familiar and position it in exciting new ways
  • How to display on-the-nose design in an interesting way
  • What it means to “Pull eyes” around a page
  • Don’t approach every marketing opportunity with a “one size fits all” mentality
  • Creatives and marketers share the same business objectives
  • How to turn “Been there, done that” design ideas into successful marketing
  • To really “stop the scroll” marketers need to be bold
  • Where your audience consumes your content influences design’s color palette
  • The strategy behind numbers and how they “Hook” readers
  • The real killer to great marketing?
  • Sharing too much information can actually hurt you. Keep your audience guessing
  • Great marketing campaigns have purpose and direction
  • All design choices are intentional. No matter how small
  • It’s important for marketers to be strategic, mindful, and intentional
  • Be intentional with how you use campaigns. Keep your prospect relationship top of mind
  • What are the 3 types of prospect speeds?
  • Every prospect is at a different stage of the client journey. Treat them where they are
  • Artwork enhances the message. It shouldn’t be distracting
  • The art and copy cannot get in the way

Want to see more insights and trends?

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