Beginner’s Guide to Lead Magnets

30 Apr, 2020 BY Tyler


With states going on lockdown and events being cancelled, it seems harder than ever to connect with prospects.

Advisers are hunting for the next big thing in marketing.

But we think now is the perfect time to revisit the fundamentals.

What to Expect:


The Marketing Challenge Advisers Are Facing

  • Your social media game is strong
  • You have a well-designed website, but…
  • Site conversions have been falling and
  • Your email list is stagnating

When it comes to prospect engagement and conversion, email is king 👑1.

But how are you supposed to grow your email list when conferences are cancelled and you can’t host events?

You could increase your social media presence;

Or maybe ask for referrals from your most cherished clients;

But that’s not enough.

The Solution: Start Using Lead Magnets

  • Increase site conversion rates
  • Grow your email list
  • Provide value to your prospects

Lead magnets allow you to drive prospects to up-to-date content, without having to change your entire website.

They pull prospects further into your sales funnel.

But what is a lead magnet?

Simply put, Lead Magnets are small pieces of valuable content you offer to prospects in exchange for their information.

You see, most people aren’t handing out their contact info. 

You have to earn the right to that contact info. 

Offer something of value in return.

Someone’s name and email address is coveted information.

Just picture what your inbox looks like right now. 

Got that in mind?

Now imagine every site you visited got your information for their mailing list without asking for permission.

So, it’s only natural that people are going to protect their email address.

This is where good content PLUS a little psychology comes in handy.

This cognitive bias is why Costco gives out free samples.

And it’s the foundation of successful Lead Magnets.

By providing valuable content like a checklist, report, or webinar recording, your prospects will feel compelled to provide their contact info.

Especially now that they know you have valuable knowledge to share with them.


  • Focus your Lead Magnet on One Big Thing
  • Deliver value to your prospects
  • Offer immediate gratification in response to a problem they face


    • Make your Lead Magnet too broad
    • Ask for prospects DOB, SSN, and mother’s maiden name
    • Deliver a low-quality product

Want to put together a lead magnet that works? This is the exact checklist we use ourselves when creating lead magnets.


Prospecting During Volatile Markets

Now that you’ve got your Lead Magnet down, see how else to step up your marketing game during volatile markets with this webinar hosted by Snappy Kraken CEO, Robert Sofia.

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