5 Ways To Build And Maintain Success Through Crisis: Presented By Top Fin-tech Leaders

13 Aug, 2021 BY Kyle


King Arthur chose a round table to shed rank among his knights.

He saw them as equal, and their opinions held the same weight as his.

Corey Westphal, CEO of Mobile Assistant, is a modern-day King Arthur when he decided to assemble some of the top CEOs in fin-tech.

Debuting in mid-2020, the CEO round table series delivered an open discussion on the relevant issues that were affecting their companies and the financial industry.

Diving deep into the tactics they used to adapt during such a volatile time in history.

Corey assembled his knights for a comeback round recently to share powerful insights into building resilience and success during a crisis.

Here are the five key tactics.

If you’d like to watch the entire webinar, you can here.

1. Improve Employee & Workplace Health


Watch as Lori Hardwick shares why “Casual Friday” and “Taco Tuesday” don’t determine strong company culture.

Listening to your team, being empathetic to their situation, and accommodating anywhere you can, creates stronger employee health and quality of life.

Especially during times of uncertainty.

2. Maintain Strong, Frequent Communications

The importance of communication can’t be overstated.

As Brian McLaughlin mentioned, it’s essential to communicate during trying times.

Your team.

Your clients.

Your prospects.

They need to know where they stand.

3. Aligning Your Company to a Vivid Vision

Eric Clarke and Robert Sofia make a strong point about aligning everyone to your company’s strategic goals.

Openly sharing your vision does two things;

  • It attracts and strengthens the relationships you have with your employees
  • It weeds out the people who aren’t a proper fit and won’t add value to the vision

This alignment will propel your business forward and help you stay resilient during the most challenging times.

4. Audit your Tech Stack

Shifting from face-to-face environments to digital ones caught a lot of people off-guard.


Adam Holt shares why staying on top of your tech is essential to maintaining client experiences.

Advisers need to embrace the digital future or risk getting left behind.

5. Beef Up Client Success Teams

Your success is linked to your clients’ success.

Corey Westphal dives deep into the importance of creating strong Success Teams.

They have such an influence on the overall client experience:

  • Maintaining proper communication
  • Continuing education across departments
  • Transforming new clients into raving fans

Their value can’t be ignored.
Guest List:

Corey Westphal, CEO of Mobile Assistant
Lori Hardwick, CEO of Wealth Tech, RedRock Strategic Partners
Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Redtail Technology
Eric Clarke, CEO of Orion Advisor Services
Adam Holt, CEO of Asset + Map
Robert Sofia, CEO of Snappy Kraken

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