4 Ways to Repurpose Financial Marketing Content

28 Jun, 2022 BY Nicolle



Content creation is hard. And time-consuming. And expensive.

In fact, 77% of brands take more than a week to create a single email. And our production team invests at least 80 hours and thousands of dollars into creating a single campaign. The good news is you don’t need to sink 80 hours a week into your marketing. You have access to thousands of pieces of top-notch data-backed marketing content specifically designed to generate leads and get clients for financial advisers.

You have the content; why waste it?

If you take a one-and-done approach to content, you're not making the most out of your Snappy Kraken investment. You can take any campaign in our library and turn it into an Instagram post, an email signature, a blog post, or even a vehicle wrap—and get maximum ROI.

1. Turn Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Posts into Instagram Posts

As of 2018, 57% of financial advisers agreed that their target audience is on Instagram, and another 50% said that Instagram was getting results.

Just because we don't specifically create content for Instagram doesn't mean you can't use our other posts there. Our library has copy and images for thousands of organic and paid tweets, LinkedIn posts, and Facebook posts that you can repurpose for your Instagram account.

“We have seen that our base of Instagram followers continues to grow.”

Repurpose Snappy Kraken content on Instagram in four easy steps:

  1. Go through the Snappy Kraken content library and choose a campaign that you want to repurpose for Instagram.

image These are the latest campaigns in the Snappy Kraken library.


  1. Each campaign has a social post—download the image and resize it if necessary.
    🔥 Hot tip: Crop or resize your photos in seconds with Instagram’s built-in editor or Biteable’s free resizer.
  2. All of our campaigns have written content. Swipe the content and personalize it if needed.
  3. Last, generate leads by adding your landing page to your Instagram link in your bio.

One of our members (who inspired this content repurposing idea) told us that they’ve loved repurposing Snappy Kraken content for Instagram, and they’re seeing results. “We have seen that our base of Instagram followers continues to grow,” he said. “It's nice to be able to still leverage the existing Snappy Kraken campaigns and adapt them for [Instagram].”

2. Use PDF Guides to Inspire Your Email Signature

Email signatures have an average click-through rate of 0.5% to 3%. So why not use your email signature to link out to something that adds value and captures contact information?

As a Snappy Kraken member, you have access to lead generation campaigns that come with downloadable PDF guides.

3stepmedicare This is the front page of our downloadable guide on Medicare planning.


You can use those downloadable guides to inspire an email signature that your target audience will want to click on, just like one of our members did.

image-1 One of our members added our tax savings guide to their email signature.


There are two ways you can add a clickable photo to your email signature. You can use WiseStamp, a tool specifically created for email signatures, or add it in manually through Gmail:

  1. Choose the campaign and guide you want to format your email signature after from the Snappy Kraken library.
  2. Create an email signature photo with a graphic design app, like Canva. You can download the campaign image and make it a part of your email signature.
  3. Upload your photo to Imgur, then right-click on the image and click “copy image address.”
  4. Go to your Gmail inbox, then click the gear and go to Settings > General > Signature.

3. Expand Campaign Topics into Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to share what you know with your prospects and clients. You can answer your clients’ questions and address their concerns through long-form blog posts complete with sources, images, and quotes—something you can't do on social media.

But writing blog posts takes a lot of time, research, and brainpower. The average blog post takes over four hours to write, but a good blog post that converts will take twice that time. With our content library, though, you can cut down blog writing time to a couple of minutes.

One of our members cracked the code and tested repurposing our campaign topics and landing page content into blog posts:

biggerimpact This is what our member’s blog looks like.


  1. Choose the campaign you want to create a blog post about.
  2. Swipe the campaign image and parts of the landing page copy and publish your content to your website.
  3. Link out to the lead-generation landing page at some point within your blog post.

Always aim to create helpful content on your blog—whether you write about finance or a finance-adjacent topic.

4. Turn Lead-Gen Pages into QR Codes

While most of our marketing tactics are online, nothing is stopping you from using our content in offline marketing strategies. In fact, one member turned one of our lead-generation landing pages into a QR code that they wrapped around the tailgate of their truck.

It was effective because most people now know what a QR code is—45% of all consumers in the U.S. have scanned marketing-related QR codes. People passing our member’s truck saw a QR code about financial planning, and those who needed financial services whipped out their phones and scanned.

Apart from a vehicle wrap, you can also turn your QR code into a laptop sticker or use it to design some personalized gifts for your existing clients—like tumblers, bookmarks, etc.


yourlogohere Use your logo and a QR code to design a tumbler for your clients.


Create your own QR code design for your offline marketing efforts:

  1. As always, choose the campaign and landing page you'd like to link your QR code to.
  2. Turn the landing page link into a QR code with QRCode Monkey.
  3. Contact a professional like 4imprint or VistaPrint to turn your QR code into a tailgate sticker, a laptop sticker, or a personalized gift design.

Don’t limit yourself to those three ideas. QR codes are versatile, so experiment with using them in even more offline marketing swag.

Don’t Have Ready-Made, Data-Backed Content? We Do

Almost no other automated growth program has as much research and marketing experience as we do. Every year, we publish our State of Digital Marketing report that contains over a million data points from real financial adviser campaigns that we published all across the United States.

We use those same data points to create financial adviser content that generates leads, converts prospects, and builds customer loyalty.

Book a demo today to get a glimpse into the content library of your dreams.

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