Convos - What Is Keyword Automation?

An automated response texting tool.

Make it easier and faster to interact with your audiences about specific topics or events using Keyword Automation. An automated response texting tool that registers prospects or clients for an event and automatically responds with a text and a registration link for an event you're hosting.


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Keyword Automations have many use cases!

For example, want to host a webinar and build a list of engaged attendees? Activate an “RSVP” Keyword Automation Campaign in just a few clicks.


Then simply let your audience know about the keyword over text message and other channels so they can text in, and watch the responses and registrants come in!

When consumers text an advisor, automated keyword responses could help the advisor:

  • Register contacts for events

  • Respond with a link to schedule an appointment or annual review

  • Provide an Ebook or a link to the firm’s Newsletter

  • Share an educational, timely, and caring response!


Stay tuned for additional Campaign Templates and Tools coming down the pipeline:


👉 Timely Market Updates, Campaign Scheduling for routine follow-ups, and automations tied to appointments, birthdays, and more.


Keyword Automation is one more helpful way Convos can drive meaningful conversations!