What is DNS and Why is it Important?

Help for Getting Your Domain Connected to Snappy Kraken

Why Should I Setup DNS on My Account? 

One of the biggest marketing levers you can pull in your business relates to improving the number of emails that actually make it to the inbox of your prospects or clients.

“Setting up DNS” (Domain Name Servers) may sound tricky, but here’s why it’s so important.

In the world of computers, DNS is the equivalent of a phone book. When a company’s name and number are in the phone book, it’s more likely to be trusted as a reputable and valid business. Similarly, DNS settings help ensure your email sends are viewed as a reputable source and more likely to be delivered consistently.

While it does require some technical knowledge, we suggest getting help from your website or domain administrator. Website support is the best practice for digital marketing.

The cons of not using DNS settings when emailing clients and prospects are:

  • A high number of your emails may not be delivered
  • Your emails could go to SPAM
  • Your account can be suspended without notice

What Do I Do with the DNS Records?

Please note that the following updates require technical knowledge to apply them correctly. Therefore, we recommend contacting your website or domain administrator for assistance. In addition, these are potentially sensitive changes that could affect your current email or website availability if the settings are applied incorrectly.

Click here for a more in-depth technical guide on how to update your DNS

You can register your email sending domain by adding DNS verification records, giving a higher level of email sending authenticity. This makes it so your campaign emails can go out from yourname@yourdomain.com, letting your contacts know this email comes from you.

Will this Affect My Existing Email/Website?

No, all of our records are set to a subdomain. You should not have to change any existing records. When you see the SK/Snappyk in the hostname field for your DNS records, these records are showing for Snappyk.YourDomain.com. This will not change any records existing for your domain, and your email inbox will continue to work correctly.

How is My Email Sent for Campaigns? 

Members register their email sending domain with us and adjust their DNS records for a deeper level of email sending authenticity. This is covered here in the Email Domain Connection FAQ.

Can We Journal for Compliance?

We have an option if a member’s broker-dealer requires email journaling. We simply require a journaling address to blind carbon copy (BCC) all emails sent from members of that broker-dealer. Please ask your broker-dealer to provide you with the preferred BCC email address. Snappy Kraken administers this setting, which is not changeable by individual members. We have a failover process for journaling BCCs, including limited retry and electronic mail (EML) file storage in the archive. In addition, a comma-separated values (CSV) file of email counts and BCC counts can be emailed daily to the broker-dealer if requested.


Best Practice: BCC to an email address that is used exclusively for journaling.