Text-Enable Your VoIP Number with Convos - Yellow Status

Follow this step-by-step guide to use your existing VoIP phone number on Convos.

Partner Status: 🟡 Yellow


Activation Timing: 7-14 days


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Keep My Existing Number

Get a New Number

If you are reading this, your VoIP provider is likely a Convos Yellow Partner. This means in order to use your existing phone number for Convos, you will need to transfer your phone number from your VoIP provider to Convos and will therefore lose access to the voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities. Convos is working on implementing our own VoIP capabilities. Namely: phone call forwarding features so that inbound and outbound calls are conveniently routed through to your personal number.


You can also get a New Phone Number to use with Convos to keep using your existing VoIP services. This article will show you both ways of achieving this.

Keep My Existing Number

If you are already an existing Convos user, you can access your Phone Number settings from the Convos Settings page. If you click on "Phone Number", you will have the option to select between "Use Your Existing Number" or "Get a New Phone Number", much like when you first sign up for Convos.


Please note that you will only be able to access this sub-menu if you are the admin of your team. The color of the hash symbol icon will indicate your current phone number status: blue means active, yellow means pending, and red means inactive.


Step One:

Select your Provider from the drop-down list and hit Next.

Step Two:

Enter your current office phone number and hit next

Step Three:

The final step is to sign for Usage Authorization and hit Done to use your phone number with Convos.

After you have authorized your phone number to be text-enabled with Convos, please allow 7-14 days for your phone number to be activated!

Get a New Phone Number

Getting a new phone number with Convos is as easy as 1-2-3! Here's those three steps to get you on your way with your shiny new phone number!


Step One:

Select Get a New Phone Number when asked if you would like to Keep Your Existing Number or Get a New Phone Number.


Step Two:

Enter your preferred area code and hit next

Step Three:

Choose your phone number from the list available and click Done!

And just like that, you are ready to rock and roll with texting your clients and prospects with your new phone number on Convos!