Text-Enable Your Landline Number with Convos - Green Status

Follow this step-by-step guide to use your existing Landline phone number on Convos.

Partner Status: 🟢 Green


Activation Timing: Less than 1 hour


Still working with a Landline? No worries! We can get you up and running on Convos in no time at all!


When you first sign up for your Convos account, getting your phone number activated is essential. If you're reading this article, that means you have a Landline Phone Number, which means setting up your account is easy! Here's how:




Step One:

Select Landline from the options available.


Step Two:


Enter your current office phone number and hit next


Step Three:


The final step is to sign for Usage Authorization and hit Done to use your phone number with Convos.



After you have authorized your phone number to be text-enabled with Convos, please allow up to an hour for your phone number to be activated! You will receive a notification once your number is text-enabled!