How Often Should I Send Campaigns?

Here's a Checklist to Help You Stay Consistent with Your Marketing Efforts Month-to-Month

Use this checklist to ensure you are consistent in your marketing efforts and stay top of mind with your clients and prospects!

  • Launch a monthly Visual Insight Newsletter to your clients and prospects that includes four weeks of content
  • Launch a Lead Generation campaign to your prospects that include four weeks of content
  • Add any form submissions from new leads or current prospects to a Prospect Engagement Campaign like the New Prospect 8-Week Nurturing Campaign or a Topic-specific Prospect Engagement Campaign
  • Include Traffic Generation Campaigns to provide ungated content to your leads and prospects; also offer an appointment for fast-movers
  • Send single-topic timely emails as needed (we create two every month)
  • Add any new clients to an onboarding campaign like the 90-Day New Client Onboarding Campaign
  • Use the Virtual Event Promotion Campaign to showcase any webinars or online seminars you are conducting. We also offer Customizable Event Promotion Campaigns for in-person events