Getting Started: Your Convos New Client Roadmap!

Your Timeline and Steps for Getting Started with Convos!

This article will outline the steps for your Convos client roadmap and journey in getting started!


Step 1: Set Up and Number Activation

GOAL: Let's get Onboarded as quickly as possible!
TIMELINE: Up to 1-48 hours
Days 1-2

  1. Onboarding and Account Set up: 10-15 minutes
    Complete your New User Profile information through Onboarding. You would have taken this step upon signing up through the Snappy Kraken platform and should take about 10-15 minutes. Once you're onboarded you can always go to your Settings Tab and update your information.

  2. Activating/Text Enabling your phone number: 1 hour - 48 hours
    Depending on the phone number you use with Convos will determine the timeline for getting fully set up!

    If you are getting a new Convos phone number, your number should be active in about 1 hour from the time you select your number once you set up your account during onboarding!

    If you are using your existing office landline or an approved VOIP provider, the text-enabling process can take up to 1-2 days to get fully activated.


Step 2: Getting Started - Follow the Convos Quick Start Guide inside your Account

GOAL: Complete the required steps to get your number activated, add contacts and launch your 1st message!
Days 2-4

  1. Watch the Convos Learn It! Workshop. During this live workshop, you'll learn how to navigate the Convos platform, best practices, and you'll have the opportunity to send your first text!

    Watch the Convos Learn It! Workshop here.

  2. Make sure your phone number is activated. 🙌 You can review your phone number status on the bottom left corner of the Home page or the status bar on the top of your screen.


    Next, add yourself and your personal cell phone as a contact inside your account.

    Then, you'll want to create a ‘Test’ group and add yourself to it so you can always test campaigns and view the consumer experience before you send them to your audience. 👌

    Once you've added yourself as a contact and your test group, go ahead and send your first text message to yourself as a test to feel the magic! 📲✨


    You can do this by sending yourself a single test message in the messages section, or send yourself a test campaign by selecting ‘Launch New Campaign from Scratch.’


    🤳 Make sure you receive the message.


    You’re now that much closer to driving meaningful conversations with your clients and prospects!

    If you don't see your phone number activated on the bottom left of your screen, please contact support. You can email or message us in Live Chat support!

  3. Update Your Account Settings: Invite Teammates, and Update your Calendar for Automations!

    1. Add Your Teammates

      Before you move on to using Convos, you'll want to make sure your Account settings are set correctly and you are using all the tools you need!


      A cool feature we built into Convos is the ability to add your teammates to your organization!


      This way, you can all stay on top of your conversations with clients and prospects with collaborative efficiency!


      In your ‘Settings’ tab under ‘Organization’, you can invite other members of your team. This could be your partners in your firm or a marketing assistant.

      When you enter their name and email into your organizations, they’ll get an invite to set up their own Convos account with their own login username and password, but they will be part of your organization and team!


      If it’s just you in your firm, or your Convos plan doesn't allow for teammates, you can skip this step for now and just remember that us Krakens are in your corner!

      If you'd like to upgrade your Convos plan to allow for teammates, please email

    2. Add your Calendar Link into your Settings

      While we’re laying the groundwork, you can also add your Scheduling link (Calendly or any calendar scheduler) inside your account under ‘Integrations’.

      This will allow you to drop your appointment booking link into your conversations to easily schedule appointments!

      *Note: Adding your Calendar link in your settings is a requirement if you want to use our Appointment Scheduling automations.

  4. Add your first contacts (prospects and clients) manually. Please use the following below format.

    Use the titles on the top row: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email. Make sure you import one contact group at a time.

    In the Contacts section on the right side of your screen, you will see Contact Groups and Contact Tags.


    You’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate groups and tags before importing.


    It will be key to organize these groups and tags properly to have the most success with Convos! Our team has defaulted a few groups and tags to make it easier to get started.

    For a more detailed explanation on contact importing, you can read this article here: Adding Contacts and Contact Management.

  5. Send Your First Text Message or Campaign
    Send your Intro Welcome Message to clients and prospects upon Contact Import.

    There are 2 options for this.

    Option 1: Use the Automated Welcome Opt-in Flow/Outbound Version feature upon importing new contacts

    In the Automated Messages section inside your account, you will see 2 versions of the Welcome Opt-in Flow.


    1. Inbound - A sequence of messages to automate compliance and drive an appointment for when a new contact texts you.

    2. Outbound - A sequence of messages to automate compliance for when you're adding new contacts into your Convos account.

We're talking Outbound here because a disclosure message will be sent to contacts you are about to import into your Convos account. You will see this option to "turn this on" when you're about to import contacts.

The below is an example of the message your contacts will receive and the button to turn on if you want to send this message out upon a contact import:

Option 2: Use the Example Intro Message below:

This is the 1st Intro or Welcome Text message to your contacts to let your audience know they can text you on your new Convos phone number!


I am now using a service to help me communicate with you over text message and occasionally send financial lessons you won’t want to miss. Please add me to your phone so we can stay connected 😀

Here’s my number: 111-111-1111

If you have questions, want to schedule an appointment, or just want to say “hey”, all you gotta do is text me. It’s that easy.👍

Advisor Name
Firm Name

Msg frequency will vary. Your carrier’s Msg&Data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel… but I’ll miss you 😟

(NOTE: Character length has to be less than 600 characters. Note MMS (emojis or images) count for more than one character towards this limit vs. SMS (text or words). You may need to slightly alter this message like removing emojis or wording and test sending the message to yourself to confirm it sends. Only add in this disclosure message at the bottom if this is the 1st time your contact is receiving a campaign from you).



Step 3: Ongoing Success - Get Your Number Out There!

GOAL: Follow the Text Me Starter Kit to market your Phone Number and let your audience know they can text you! Add the texting widget to your website, send the Convos Opt-In email campaign, and update your email signature and social media bios with your phone number.
Days 4 - 7

  1. Use the Text Me Growth Kit to promote your Convos phone number!


    1. Add the texting widget to your website.



    2. Update your Email signature in your Settings with the following Call To Action:

      “TEXT ME: (your adviser phone Number)"

      And you can update this Call to Action in your email signature in this specific campaign so your prospects and clients know to text you at this new number.



    3. Send out the Snappy Kraken Convos Text Opt-In email campaign inside of your Snappy Kraken account to let your prospects and clients know they can text you!


      1. In the Convos Opt-In confirmation email, make sure to update the line “Keep your eyes open for an automated opt-in message on your phone from (Your Convos phone Number)” so your audience knows the number to expect from.



    4. Use the social media templates to build custom social posts and let your audience know they can text you!



    5. Advanced: Add a text option to google and start SMS conversations from the worlds #1 source of targeted traffic.


Step 4: The Fun Begins - Start texting your clients and prospects bi-weekly!

GOAL: Start launching texting campaigns consistently to stay top of mind, drive conversations, provide timely updates, and schedule appointments!
Days 7 - Infinity

  1. Use Leads Never Cold and Timely Financial Dates text templates and launch 1 or 2 campaigns per week.


    1. 1 financial topic weekly (beginning of the week)

    2. 1 conversation starter weekly (end of week)

    3. Promoting 1-2 social posts a week to have your audience Text You.


  2. Continually launching campaigns.


  3. Respond to messages promptly and have fun!

    For more support on Convos strategy, please email