Convos - Adding Contacts and Contact Management

How To Upload Contacts and Best Practices for Managing Contact Groups and Tags in Convos

How to Upload Contacts:

Adding contacts is easy!

1) Inside your account, go to the Contacts section on the left panel.


2) Select Import Contacts



3) Uploading your contact list in a .csv or .xls format. The excel spreadsheet should follow this format:

Make sure to leave the Titles as shown above (First Name, Last Name, Phone Number Email) in the this order on the top row of your spreadsheet.

Option to use the Automated Welcome Opt-in Flow/Outbound Version feature upon importing new contacts:

In the Automated Messages section inside your account, you will see 2 versions of the Welcome Opt-in Flow.


  1. Inbound Welcome Opt-In: A sequence of messages to automate compliance and drive an appointment for when a new contact texts you.


  2. Outbound Welcome Opt-In: A sequence of messages to automate compliance for when you're adding new contacts into your Convos account.

    We're talking Outbound here because a welcome disclosure message will be sent to contacts you are about to import into your Convos account. You will see this option to "turn this on" using the toggle button when you're about to import contacts.

    The below is an example of the message your contacts will receive and the button to turn on if you want to send this message out upon a contact import:



4) Before uploading your list, select the appropriate Group or Tag prior to uploading your list. This step is key before you upload your contacts as you don't want to go back and create more work for yourself!

5) Click Upload Contacts and your contacts will upload immediately and can be seen on your Home page Dashboard. You may need to refresh your page or give it a second.


Organizing Groups and Tags:

In the Contacts section on the right side of screen you will see Contact Groups and Contact Tags. It will be key to organize these groups and tags properly to have the most success with Convos!

Our team has defaulted a few groups and tags to make it easier to get started.

1) Default Group Fields: Prospects, Clients

Upon adding yourself and your personal cell phone number as a contact, you'll want to create a ‘Test’ group and add yourself to it so you can always test campaigns before you send them to your audience.

Other Group examples include naming a list of contacts from any other marketing activities you may have done or used in the past.

Examples: COIs, Seminar Leads, Webinar Leads, Wine Tasting Event list, "X" Networking event.

You can name your Groups as you see fit but a good format would be something like: "X Event leads" and even include the date of that event if you want.

2) Default Tag Fields: Business Owners, Accumulators, Professionals, Conservative, Liberaly, Urban

Tags should include subcategories of the types of prospects or clients you have. You can sort or "tag" a contact based on their age group, gender, profession, interests for example.