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Snappy Kraken is a team of fun-loving, hard-working people. We’re dead serious about our work, but we know it’s healthy to have fun and goof off when the moment calls for it.

Chief Marketing Officer

Angel Gonzalez

Chief executive officer

Robert Sofia

Chief technology officer

Brad DeLoatche

Chief operating officer

Alicia Howard

Chief Creative Officer

Patrice Kelly

Chief Product Officer

Francesca McLin

Director of Enterprise Development

Diana Cabrices

SysOps Administrator

Hendri Morris

Success specialist

Megan Whittaker

Marketing assistant

Tyler Meunier

Senior UI/UX Engineer

Christine Pham

Success specialist

Mandy Broker

VP of sales

Mike Yebio

Account Executive

DJ Highum

Success specialist

Geoff Cersoli

video production coordinator

Kyle Cyr

Director of production

Melissa Yetter

production specialist

Calixte Le Blanc-Ancion

Assistant project manager

Joanna Esteves

senior graphic designer

Lindsay Warden

Marketing strategist

Adam Bensman

tech support specialist

Micah Bain

Account Executive

Randall Edwards

success specialist

Alex Willis

Director of member success

Leigh-Ann Mosca

jr. web developer

Marie Dagan

Senior software engineer

Matanel Hazan

Senior software engineer

Miloš Gavrilović

tech support team lead

Westin Mierop

Quality assurance tester

Brandon White

billing & bookkeeping specialist

Sandi Harrison

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*Territories are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they’re claimed, we’ll begin a waitlist for each territory and alert the next adviser in line if the territory becomes available.