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From: $700.00 / month and a $987.00 sign-up fee

Build Your Audience and Get More Prospects Online

Done-for-you boosting and Facebook advertising for thousands less than agencies charge!

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Each week, we’ll boost a social post for you, driving engagement on Facebook and pointing traffic to your lead generation landing page. Take advantage of 1 million+ advertising data points to optimize your advertising!

We’ve found that boosted posts often perform better than ads as Facebook’s algorithm shows posts to an audience that is more likely to engage with them. Boosted posts are also excellent for improving your overall social media presence and building your Facebook following.

  • Turn fresh eyes into prospects. Your posts point to our high-converting landing pages that feature a compelling download designed to capture a name and email address. Once these prospects are on your list, they are yours for the marketing! Our research has found that email is your most powerful marketing channel. Paid advertising helps you grow that channel by bringing a fresh audience to your content.
  • Get your message in front of new prospects thousands of times in a month! We’ll help you refine your targeting to maximize the reach of your ads in your territory.
  • Get the most bang for your advertising buck by boosting posts on Facebook! Reach your ideal crowd through Facebook (they have over 2 billion active users a month). Our proprietary targeting method helps you target the right audience for each campaign based on our analysis of your ideal client and campaign results.
  • Continue to build ongoing brand awareness in your own backyard. Don’t just market to the same old prospects. Target new prospects in your own backyard with a compelling message and build up your Facebook audience.
  • Advertise only to your target market. Unlike traditional ads that broadcast indiscriminately (wasting most of your budget), digital ads let you pinpoint the right prospects so they see a specific, compelling message. We use precise geographic and demographic profiles to target only the people who fit your desired client profile.
  • No long advertising contracts! We require a 6-month commitment to get started. However, you can switch your ad campaign every 30 days. We’ll discuss campaign performance with you each month and make a recommendation on whether you should continue with your current campaign or switch things up.

One-Time Setup Fee: $987

Advertising Tiers:

monthly ad budget


monthly management fee

During the current global crisis, we are waiving setup fees. To do so, use the coupon code KEEPINTOUCH
  • Which package should you buy? A higher budget means we can show your ads to more people by increasing the reach within your audience. More impressions means more opportunity to get leads. If you are advertising across multiple territories or a heavily populated area, we recommend choosing a larger budget so that your ads will adequately penetrate your market. If it’s your first time advertising or you are advertising within a small market, a lower budget makes sense. Have questions? Sign up for our info-packed weekly webinar here!
  • We advertise to all the zip codes included in your territory.
  • Ad packages are auto-billed each month. Once the initial 6-month period ends, we’ll continue to bill you each month unless you notify us to cancel 30 days in advance of the next billing date.
  • Please note the following important terms: Monthly budgets can be transferred to an alternate campaign once every 30 days. Monthly ad budgets can be canceled with a 30-day written notice after the initial 6-month commitment has been fulfilled. Management fees canceled prior to fulfilling the 6-month commitment will be billed in full. Ad budgets go directly to Facebook each month and are non-refundable. Cancelling your member subscription will also cancel your advertising program.

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