Is a Brand-Name or an Independent Advisor Best for You? Prospect Engagement Campaign


Want to promote your independence and highlight the benefits of working with an RIA? This guest campaign by Wavelength Financial Content is for you!

Show prospects the benefits of independence and highlight the difference between “brand-name” advisors and you with this email-based prospecting campaign. The campaign is designed to send 1 email per week for 6 weeks and offers both an informative downloadable report to boost conversion and a “free financial checkup.”

We’ve partnered with Wavelength Financial Content to bring you a high-touch engagement campaign specifically designed to set RIAs apart. Wavelength specializes in creating content in a user-friendly, approachable style that gets results for financial advisors. Learn more about Wavelength’s unique approach to financial marketing here.

Use this campaign with warm and cold prospects on your email list.

This campaign includes the following:

  • 7 Broadcast emails
  • 3 Social media posts
  • Landing page with lead magnet download and appointment-setting form
  • Confirmation page for download and appointment
  • Confirmation email

Tip: If you use an appointment scheduling tool, like TimeTrade or Calendly, you may also add your confirmation email and custom link to the Thank You page so recipients can book an appointment right away.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For RIA use only. This campaign has not been reviewed by FINRA.