Fee-Only Prospect Engagement Campaign


Do you want to connect with prospects who are interested in comprehensive planning? This campaign is for you.

 Highlight the benefits of comprehensive, fiduciary, fee-only advice with this email-based campaign that educates, informs, and engages prospects on your list. 

Drive prospects to a landing page that can be personalized that promotes a free “Financial Clarity” call to remove the friction prospects feel about a free appointment offer. This simple campaign educates and engages your prospects through critical issues at the core of fee-only planning: behavioral finance and mentorship, a fiduciary relationship, the danger of high fees, and more. 

We help you continue the conversation with prospects, bringing them deeper into the awareness funnel, with emails that position you as the right source for help and offering a free appointment to discuss their financial questions. Prospects who have immediate needs are encouraged to request an appointment with you, bringing these digital prospects right into your office.

The campaign publishes content over 6 weeks.  

This campaign includes:

  •  6 emails promoting the value of your advice
  • 1 appointment page where motivated leads can request a free chat with you
  •  1 appointment confirmation page that points a lead to your website
  • 1 appointment confirmation email that confirms the request was received