Personal Connection Videos: Build Your Resiliency in the Face of Uncertainty


It has never been so easy to get started with video marketing.

Just personalize the script, record your video, and add the link to your campaign. Our automated platform does the rest.

With the current pandemic, recession, and market volatility, your clients and prospects are dealing with unprecedented uncertainty about the present and future. Give them an antidote with this two-minute personal video about creating an uncertainty action plan.

Personal Connection Videos are the fastest way to create and promote videos at scale, keeping you face-to-face and top of mind with the people who matter most to your business.

More than ever in times of crisis, you need to be reaching out to clients and prospects to reassure, educate, and show leadership in these challenging times. Become the antidote to fear and uncertainty with an easy-to-use video campaign that puts you front and center.

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IMPORTANT! FINRA has not reviewed this campaign. To get timely campaigns into your hands as quickly as possible, we do not submit them for FINRA review.