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“The most innovative marketing platform for advisers.” – Investment News


Each of our automated campaigns has an average of 128 hours of research, writing, design, testing, compliance, and automation built in. That would cost you at least $15,360 per campaign if you hired an agency. Available to each of our members at a low monthly cost with no commitment.

*Territories are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they’re claimed, we’ll begin a waitlist for each territory and alert the next adviser in line if the territory becomes available.

Turn-Key Automation for Your 5 Most Critical Business Growth Objectives


Generate Leads

Our turn-key campaigns will automatically push content to email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even online ads. Our lead generation campaigns have a hyper-targeted goal of attracting fresh leads. The marketing practices we use make it easy for prospects to get in touch. Imagine running lead generation campaigns 24/7 with just a few clicks.

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Nurture Prospects

Never let a valuable new client opportunity slip between the cracks again! Our automated prospect nurturing campaigns will keep in touch, motivate, and engage all the existing and brand new prospects that will be added to your pipeline. These campaigns create high-touch and unforgettable communications that make you look like a hero, and you don’t have to do a thing except reply to inquiries.

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Engage Clients

Our client engagement campaigns help you build unshakable relationships by wowing your clients with relevant content, information, and meaningful touch points. Even though they’re automated and run 24/7, your clients will always think it’s you (or your team) personally reaching out. Our members rave about how powerful these campaigns are at strengthening client relationships that often lead to passive referrals.

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Generate Referrals

Imagine having a virtual business development person generating referrals for you 24/7 – that’s the power of our campaigns. Many advisers struggle to ask for referrals, don’t feel comfortable, or simply don’t do it enough. Our campaigns overcome all of that for you and blend the most effective referral techniques we’ve developed and tested over the years. Are you ready to start getting more word-of-mouth business on autopilot?

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Automate Workflows

As you generate more business, you’ll naturally get overwhelmed with client onboarding, but don’t worry – we’ve got that covered! Our operational workflows help you ensure that fulfillment never falls between the cracks. Your clients will feel well cared for right out of the gate without you having to worry about or track anything. These campaigns will help you build rock-solid relationships from the get go!

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*Territories are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they’re claimed, we’ll begin a awaitlist for each territory and alert the next adviser in line if the territory becomes available.


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Exclusive Territory Rights
Prospecting Campaigns FMG Suite claims to have campaigns, but their one-off emails and random social media posts don't actually link to other elements in a way that forms multi-step, end-to-end campaigns.
Client Service Campaigns
Niche Campaigns
Event Promotion Campaigns
Customizable Campaigns
FINRA Reviewed Campaigns
Content Type: Exclusive, Curated, or Mass-Duplicated Exclusive Mass-DuplicatedMass-Duplicated Mass-Duplicated Custom Curated Curated
Modern Marketing Best-Practices (End-to-End Campaigns, Standalone Landing Pages, Tripwire Pages, Exit Intent Popups)
Online Advertising
Realtime Results Tracking
Automatic Posting to Web and Social
Automatic Email Auto-Responders & Nurturing Sequences
Custom Content Creation & Anayltics for Enterprises
Website Works with all sites Must have FMG Site N/A Must have Broadridge Site N/A N/A N/A
Ongoing Personal Support/Accountability Additional $499 per month

*Based on publicly available data as of August 2019.