Top 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Snappy Kraken

1. How do territories work?

We use territories to protect our members from running the same advertising campaigns at the same time as other advisers in their area. While most adviser marketing companies don’t care about this, research proves that it undermines differentiation, creates ad-fatigue, and decreases effectiveness of lead generation efforts.

While we don’t prevent you from sending emails to your current list or posting social media content to your existing followers (organic reach), we limit the area in which you are able to use our advertising campaigns to the zip codes in your territory.

2. How long does it take to get started/How long before I see results?

While some experience outstanding results in mere weeks, most of our members see results within six months.

The real answer for you will depend on what point you’re starting out, and how much effort you put in. If you already have a credible brand, a great follow-up process, a number of clients and prospects, and strong sales ability, you’ll see results quickly. If you lack these things, it will take more time.

3. How much time and work do I have to put in?

Assuming you already have your social media profiles set up and your email lists are segmented, no more than 3-4 hours of setup time and training — though some tech-savvy advisors accomplish this in less than an hour.

After your account is set up, we recommend a minimum of 15-minutes per week for platform maintenance and one hour per month to attend our Success Workshops. So all in, two hours per month is sufficient.

If this sounds like too much time to dedicate, just remember that every campaign you launch with Snappy Kraken will save you hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars. Click here to see a case study explaining why these two hours per month are well worth the investment.

4. Will I have a dedicated contact going forward (e.g. account manager)?

We do better than that! We’ll assign you a whole team. And you don’t have to pay extra for it! Every new member is initially assigned to a personal onboarding specialist who helps them set up their account. After your account is ready to use, you’ll be reassigned to a team of Success Specialists who’ll hold weekly workshops you can join, and who also make themselves available for one-on-one consultations with you. You won’t find better support anywhere!

“The support is amazing! I am thoroughly pleased, they go way above and beyond even my wildest expectations.” — Jeremy, Financial Adviser, Snappy Kraken member since 2018.

5. Will you deal with my compliance for me?

While we do not deal directly with your compliance officers (unless we are working with them on initial approval and setup at your firm), we do make it as easy as possible for you to use Snappy Kraken by:

  1. Submitting most of our content (except extremely time-sensitive messages) to FINRA for review.
  2. Providing you a complete PDF of every campaign with all your edits and the FINRA letter for easy submission to compliance
  3. Integrating Snappy Kraken directly with your firm’s compliance tools and setting it up to meet your firm’s compliance requirements (in select cases).

6. Will you help me set up my social media?

This is not a service we offer, and to be brutally honest, if you’re not capable of handling this yourself, Snappy Kraken is probably not the right fit for you. Some level of basic marketing understanding and technical ability is required for success with Snappy Kraken.

7. What in the world is a Snappy Kraken?

Quick branding lesson: Great business names are 1) unique, 2) memorable, and 3) related to the business in some way. Snappy Kraken is a name we came up with in 2016 that checks these boxes for us. We’re Snappy because we make things fast and easy. The Kraken has powerful tentacles that integrate multiple marketing services into one central platform. The strong consonant sounds in our name make it memorable and fun to say. There’s more to the story, but we’ll save that for another day.

8. How does Snappy Kraken compare with other financial advisor marketing services?

We think our client and Board member Marty Bicknell, CEO and President of Mariner Wealth (Barron’s top four RIA managing over $20 billion) explained it best when he said: “Snappy Kraken is the only marketing company in our industry that delivers proven results and stands behind them. Who else publishes their actual results for everyone to see? Who else offers a money-back guarantee if advisors aren’t satisfied? Who else delivers research-based, fully automated, end-to-end digital campaigns at scale without being canned, watered down, massively expensive, or tons of work? No one.”

We realize there are several marketing companies you can choose from, but there is no other company that truly compares with Snappy Kraken (you can probably see this just by looking at our website).

If you aren’t aware of what the other digital marketing companies do or where they fit, this quick guide may help:

For do-it-yourself financial advisers who have plenty of free time to create their own content and can afford to experiment:

      • Hubspot
      • Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)
      • Marketo
      • LeadPilot by TwentyOverTen
      • ClickFunnels
      • Leadpages
      • Mailchimp
      • Constant Contact
      • AWeber
      • Seismic

For financial advisers who are content with using the same generic content as tens of thousands of other firms just to keep up marketing appearances:

      • FMG Suite
      • Broadridge
      • Orion Marketor
      • Hearsay Social
      • Veriday
      • FMeX

For financial advisers who prefer to re-share curated content from other authors’ blogs and media websites rather than using original content:

      • Grapevine 6
      • AdvisorStream
      • Sprout Social
      • Vestorly
      • Gainfully
      • Hyperchat Social

For financial advisers who just want to buy leads and don’t care about having a complete digital strategy for building meaningful relationships:

      • WiserAdvisor
      • SmartAsset
      • Zoe
      • AdvisorBid
      • My Perfect Financial Advisor
      • Harness Wealth

For financial advisers who want premium quality, research-based original content, an end-to-end digital marketing strategy for clients and prospects, and proven results:

        • Spend $20-50,000 per month with a high-end agency
        • Build a marketing team of writers, designers, and technologists (4-6 people minimum)
        • Snappy Kraken

9. Is Snappy Kraken a CRM?

No, we are not a CRM. But we do have basic contact management functionality built into our application. If you don’t have a CRM already, you’ll find Snappy Kraken to be very helpful for organizing and grouping contacts for marketing purposes. We also have integrations with top adviser CRMs and will perform custom integrations for enterprise partners.

10. Are you an IMO?

No we are not. Though many IMOs rely on Snappy Kraken to power their digital marketing.

11. Do you work with insurance agents?

Most of our content is designed for holistic financial advisers who are securities licensed, though we do have several campaigns that insurance agents experience success with. We suggest you watch a demo to ensure Snappy Kraken is right for you.

12. Is my BD approved?

We’ll have to check for you. Click below to fill out a short form and we’ll respond with an answer ASAP!

Have another question? We’re here to help! Click here to book a meeting with one of our account executives.