Feb 2, 2021 By Tyler

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[NEW] Visual Insights Newsletter | Financial Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and hopefully that means warmer weather and the opportunity to open our windows and air out our homes. It’s also a time when we think about cleaning and decluttering.

Lean into your clients’ and prospects’ seasonal “Spring cleaning” urges with this Visual Insights Newsletter, which takes a topic that could be dull or overwhelming — financial decluttering — and breathes fresh air into it by breaking it into 7 simple, actionable steps.

These 7 steps not only clear the financial clutter, they can help readers save money and clarify their long-term goals. Plus, the customizable Financial Lesson lets you add your own spin to make an authentic connection with your readers.


More about this campaign:

Title: Financial Spring Cleaning

Type: Visual Insights Newsletter

Description: This Visual Insights Newsletter offers clients and prospects 7 practical steps to declutter their finances to save money and reach their long-term goals.

Target Audience: All clients & prospects.

Primary Outcome/Action: Engagement – Opening the emails and consuming the content on the page.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Asking a question, signing up, sharing, forwarding email, etc.

Running Time: 21 days.


The Visual Insights Newsletters are our most popular resource. We design them to not only provide timely and practical information in a visually compelling way, but to establish a connection with your subscribers. Be sure to take advantage of the customizable Financial Lesson, which allows you to share a bit of personal information to make that connection even stronger.

Want to see all the work that goes into a Visual Insights Newsletter, check out our recent episode of Behind the Campaign about them.

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