Dec 2, 2020 By Tyler

Campaign Releases, Single-Topic Emails

[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Warmest Wishes

The holiday season is upon us!

And while this year may be anything but normal, heartfelt season’s greetings are still in style.

That’s why our latest customizable single-topic email helps you send clients and prospects your warm wishes (while also looking at the year to come).

And it features this nice little GIF:

More about this campaign:

Title: Warmest Wishes (Holiday Greeting)

Type: Single-Topic Email

Description: Use this simple, customizable email to send clients and prospects a seasonal greeting while also looking ahead to 2021.

Target Audience: Clients & Prospects

Primary Outcome/Action: Express your gratitude with a hint of professional advice.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Get them excited about working with you in the new year.

Running Time: Single email


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