Jul 21, 2021 By Tyler

Campaign Releases, Single-Topic Emails

[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Is the Sky Falling (Again)?

The COVID-19 Delta variant is causing a stir, and not in a good way.

Talk of reimposed restrictions and booster shots have your clients fearing the worst.

Keep them composed and realistic about the future with this positive email, which answers the question, “is the sky falling?”

More about this campaign:

Title: Is the Sky Falling (Again)?

Type: Single-Topic Email

Description: This email provides optimistic perspective on the Delta variant and its potential impact on the economy and our lives.

Target Audience: Clients & Prospects

Primary Outcome/Action: Help your contacts “panic slowly” in the face of another potential COVID Shutdown.

Running Time: Single email

Timely emails present an easy, low-stakes way to maintain a relationship with your list of prospects and clients.

They make a difference!

Here are some of the results from our Weekly Crisis Emails that advisers used during the peak of COVID.


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