Jan 6, 2022 By Nicolle

Financial Dashboard

[NEW] Q4 2021 Financial Quarterly Briefing

Give your clients and prospects a 5-minute snapshot of the last quarter!

This quarterly campaign is designed to build your credibility by giving your clients and prospects a bite-sized overview of the previous quarter’s key market and economic data.

The campaign runs for 21 days and delivers the following:

  • Landing Page With Email Capture Form
  • 2 Promotional Emails
  • 1 Opt-In Confirmation Email
  • 4 Social Media Posts

Personalize this campaign to engage and entertain your clients & prospects now!

Title: Q4 2021 Financial Quarterly Briefing

Type: Market Update Campaign

Description: Build authority by driving clients and prospects to a personalized landing page that quickly educates them on the current state of the market and the economy.

Target Audience: All clients & prospects.

Primary Outcome/Action: Nurture prospects – opting in to emails.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Engage clients – Opening the emails and consuming the content on the page

Running Time: 21 days.



Timing is everything with this campaign, so take advantage of it right away.

Want another timely way to connect with your clients and prospects?

Take a look at the Post-Pandemic Travel – Visual Insights Newsletter which gives your contact the information they need as they try and get the heck out of Dodge.

Both of these campaigns use eye-catching designs to break complex ideas into a creative, simple format that leaves your readers informed rather than overwhelmed.


To find out more about how Snappy Kraken can fit into your marketing strategy, click here to see a demo.