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Automated Marketing Program For Financial Advisers

The Great Wall of China is an architectural feat that still amazes people to this day. Each brick was molded by hand and then transported in wheelbarrows, on workers’ backs, on camels and horses, and so on. It took them 300,000 soldiers, countless townspeople, and over 20 years to build the first iteration of The Wall.

But think about all the time, money, and resources the Qin Dynasty could have saved with trucks, forklifts, and an assembly line. An infrastructure engineer hypothesized it could take as little as 15 months to build The Great Wall with modern technology.

Ancient Chinese engineers didn’t have that choice, though—because they didn’t have modern technology. But you do. Doing your marketing without automation is like voluntarily building The Great Wall without factory-made bricks. Hand molded bricks work fine, but using an assembly line leaves you time to focus on the engineering (i.e., your marketing strategy) rather than the manufacturing (i.e., posting daily, sending emails every week, etc.).


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Do Privacy Changes Affect Your Marketing’s Effectiveness?

When COVID-19 first impacted the U.S., “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” had to go without an audience. In lieu of laughter and cheers from an engaged crowd, Colbert told his jokes to an empty room—and, as empty rooms do, it didn’t laugh or clap back.

But just because Colbert couldn’t get feedback from a live audience, it doesn’t mean his viewers weren’t enjoying his content. In fact, people were still watching Colbert’s show as much as they did pre-COVID-19.

The reason? With or without feedback, good content is good content. Colbert’s target audience continued to enjoy his show, laugh at his jokes, and probably clap the way they used to—whether he saw them doing so or not—because the content was still good. Good content doesn’t rely on feedback because it’s focused on what the client wants, not what they bring to the transaction.

And that’s good news because tech giants like Apple and Google have started prioritizing consumer privacy. This means our marketing efforts may yield less feedback at certain stages of the sales funnel. We won’t be able to track email open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics as accurately as we once did—but that doesn’t have to mean the end of lead generation.

Focus on tailoring your content to your target audience—as Colbert did—and the lack of data won’t derail your marketing results.
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Commercials, Campaigns and Ads from Blend Out Book

There are a lot of GREAT marketing examples referenced throughout the book “Blend Out: From Ordinary To Irresistible: How Advisors Can Market Like The Greatest Brands In The World.”

In a recent episode of the podcast, (Pop) Culture Club, they did a review of the book.

Halfway through, Tori Levy mentioned:

“What I appreciated most from Robert Sofia is all the examples that he set out to put in the book because I felt like I was going back and forth from Googling stuff to going on Youtube and watching the marketing campaigns that he talked about.” 

That gave us an idea!

We want to help the book really come to life for our readers. And if they’re going to want to check out these commercials, campaigns, ad, and branding examples, then we’re going to make it way easier.  Continue reading Commercials, Campaigns and Ads from Blend Out Book

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Different Types of Email Campaigns That Convert Well

In a previous article we talked about 4 best practices for email marketing that are guaranteed to get you results. 

Now, in this post, we are going to talk about different types of email marketing campaigns and how and when you can use them to grow your list.

Here are 5 campaign types you should definitely consider as part of your email strategy: Continue reading Different Types of Email Campaigns That Convert Well

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How to Increase Traffic to Your Landing Page

In the 1989 classic ‘Field of Dreams,‘ the lead protagonist Ray Kinsella stood alone in his cornfield. 

In the now-famous scene, Ray hears a whisper saying, “if you build it, HE will come.” However, over the years, the popular line has been misconstrued. 

Today, the old saying goes: “if you build it. THEY will come.” 

But, who is “they” and how are they going to get there? 

How do you tend the fields and generate traffic to your lead magnet or landing page?

Well, the short answer is coordinated acts of marketing Continue reading How to Increase Traffic to Your Landing Page

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The Power of Email Marketing in 2021, and Which Campaigns You Should Deploy

Email marketing is a powerful way to engage prospects, enhance credibility, and jump-start conversations that eventually lead to sales. 

According to insights from over 38,000 campaigns (analyzed in the  2021 State of Digital Marketing Report), email is the largest and most reliable traffic source for advisers.

It also plays a key role in moving prospects “from cold to gold.”

The bottom line? 

The value of a current and accurate email database cannot be overstated.  Continue reading The Power of Email Marketing in 2021, and Which Campaigns You Should Deploy

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All Marketers Tell Stories | Snappy Book Reviews

Welcome to the first Snappy Kraken book review!

One of our values at Snappy Kraken is continued education, and in the Marketing Department, part of that means each of us presenting a monthly book review.

Not all of the books we review will make it to a blog post, because not all of them will be relevant to Financial Advisers, or marketing as a whole, but all the videos will be up on our YouTube channel.

The reviews will be around 10 minutes, which by no means is enough time to cover every aspect of each book.

So, if you enjoy what we’re talking about, support the author and scoop up a copy for yourself.

Check out the video review below, or keep scrolling for a more in-depth discussion of the book.

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Financial Adviser Video Marketing

2021 is that you?

As we embrace the new year, let’s give a shoutout to how much weight video pulled this past year.

We’ve seen increases of video creation (and consumption) in marketing, client engagement, and many more facets of day-to-day life.

The demand for video keeps growing. Whether you want to get your groove back or continue to level up, these 4 articles will keep you motivated.
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Behind the Campaign: Retirement Income Teeter-Totter

If you’re going to get attention with your marketing, you’ve got to think creatively.

But, creativity is a loaded word.

Most people think that flexing your creative muscle is about creating something new.

It’s not.

It’s about connecting and positioning existing ideas in interesting new ways. Continue reading Behind the Campaign: Retirement Income Teeter-Totter

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Is this Email Too Long? (A Quick Marketing Lesson on Readers and Persuasion)

How long should my content be?

Well, that all depends.

The tongue-in-cheek answer would be:

It needs to be as long as it needs to be.

See, it all depends on the context and the objective of your content.

In the example below, let’s talk about email. Continue reading Is this Email Too Long? (A Quick Marketing Lesson on Readers and Persuasion)