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How to Prioritize Your Marketing Plans

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Most advisers think that to get results out of their marketing, they need to do it all. Organizing events, setting up lead generation campaigns, emailing all of their clients and leads every day, spending countless hours on social media, creating videos, setting up ads—the list goes on.

Spending too much time (and money) on marketing means the average adviser ends up spending a whopping $3,119 to get one single client—$519 in hard dollars and $2,600 in time costs.

We’re gonna let you in on a secret: you don’t need to dot every I and cross every T to see a return on your marketing efforts. Continue reading How to Prioritize Your Marketing Plans

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The Framework to Boost Your Marketing ROI

12-minute read | 16-minute listen

The average financial adviser sees an email open rate of 24.8% for their marketing emails and a landing page conversion rate of 6.2%. For the average Snappy Kraken member, those numbers are 29.5% and 9.9%, respectively. How do they do it? Simple. Using the Cold to Gold Framework.

The Cold to Gold Framework isn’t an ultimate marketing guide that pretends to know more than it does. It’s a six-step, data-backed marketing strategy that capitalizes on relationship-building to get you actual conversions. It’s based on the principle that the most important objective of your marketing should be to build relationships, foster trust, and become the go-to resource for financial questions and services.
Continue reading The Framework to Boost Your Marketing ROI

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Data-Driven Marketing Tactics for Advisers

6-minute read | 7.5 minute listen

“Marketing is a waste of my time. I spend so many hours on my marketing but get almost no new business from it.” If that statement sounds like something you would say, you’re not alone. Seventy-five percent of financial advisers report that they get fewer than five leads per month through their websites.

But we’re going to change that. Our members’ success proves that marketing doesn’t have to be a time suck that delivers little to no results. In fact, our advisers get an average of 6.8 leads per campaign, and our top-performing advisers boast 10.1 leads per campaign. And most of them spend less than four hours on their marketing per month.

Our blend of automation, personalization, and heavy reliance on data lets our members create marketing campaigns that bring them more results in one click. But even if you’re not one of our members, these tactics will help you generate more leads, reach more people on social media, close more sales, and build better relationships with your clients. Continue reading Data-Driven Marketing Tactics for Advisers

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Where Should Your Next Event Be?

6-minute read | 7.5 minute listen

Pre-COVID-19, only 2% of advisers met with their clients through video calls—most conversations happened in-person, face-to-face. But with lockdowns, social distancing restrictions, and other changes brought about by the world pandemic, only 12% of advisers were able to meet with their clients in person—the majority (80%) relied on video calls or phone calls.

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way advisers need to communicate with leads, prospects, and clients. This means advisers also need to adjust the way they organize prospecting and nurturing events, one of the main ways to build rapport.

With parts of the world now lifting restrictions and opening up, people are asking, “When should we organize virtual events vs. in-person events?” The answer to that question is: it depends on your goals. Continue reading Where Should Your Next Event Be?