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How Can Advisers Generate More Leads

In our 2021 State of Digital Marketing Report, we found that our top 25% of highest-performing advisers, in terms of marketing, massively outperformed everyone else. They have more contacts, get better landing page conversion rates, and—most importantly— they generate more leads.



But our top advisers aren’t spending exponentially more money or time on their marketing than anyone else; they’ve just hit on some simple, effective strategies. We’ve compiled a list of what our top advisers are actually doing to help you build or adjust your own marketing strategy and get better results. Continue reading How Can Advisers Generate More Leads

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Financial Adviser Marketing Campaigns That Work

7-minute read | 8-minute listen

Every year, we create a Half Time Report to identify which of our campaigns have performed tremendously well. This year, we analyzed almost 10,000 campaigns, around 36,000 social media posts, and over 10.5 million emails that our members from all over the United States sent to their target audiences.

The results are in—and we wanted to highlight 6 unique, high-performing marketing campaigns that our members personalized and then sent to their leads, prospects, and clients that got a ton of clicks, opens, and responses.

The one thing they all have in common is a deep understanding of their audience’s needs and concerns. These six pieces of content will show you how timing, genuine care, and reliability all play a part in getting you results from your marketing efforts. Continue reading Financial Adviser Marketing Campaigns That Work