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[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Is the Sky Falling (Again)?

The COVID-19 Delta variant is causing a stir, and not in a good way.

Talk of reimposed restrictions and booster shots have your clients fearing the worst.

Keep them composed and realistic about the future with this positive email, which answers the question, “is the sky falling?”

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[NEW] DIY Email Template

We love crafting highly-researched, eye-catching campaigns.

Heck, it’s what we’re great at.

But often, you know exactly what to say to your clients or prospects.

And guess what? We love that, too.

So we’ve built a DIY Email Template, which allows you to share your stories, or your message, or even just a quick market update with a fully-branded email.

This way, you can leverage the power of Snappy’s platform, contact segmenting, and email tracking while delivering your own unique message to your clients and prospects.

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[NEW] Single-Topic Email | A Tale of Two Deals

It was the best of deals; it was the worst of deals.

It was… taking a long time.

After weeks of grandstanding, posturing, and wrangling, it appears that a bipartisan infrastructure deal that both parties can live with is in the works.

Which means it’s time to give your clients and prospects your perspective on the potential bill.

Our latest timely email, A Tale of Two Deals, is packed with the hard data about a couple deals sitting in Congress right now, what kind of timeline folks can expect, and what the deals mean for their wallets.

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[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Forecasting Surprises

After a year like 2020, you’d think nothing could come as a surprise anymore.

Yet here we are.

Inflation “surprises”.

Job market “surprises”.

Housing market “surprises”.

It’s what we should expect after a global economic shutdown, but that expectation won’t stop your clients and prospects from panicking.

So we put together our latest timely email, Forecasting Surprises.

It helps create perspective around the socioeconomic shifts we’re seeing and reminds your contacts to stay the course.

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[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Infrastructure & Taxes

Maybe the thought of smooth public roads and filing 1099s gets your blood pumping.

But it probably doesn’t have the same effect on your prospects.

That’s why they usually ignore these policy changes, be they large or small.

But recent proposals in DC are a bit more…colossal.

Which is why everyone suddenly cares about infrastructure and taxes.

With so much up in the air, this timely email provides reassurance, encourages thoughtful consideration, and reduces panic.

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[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Inflation Worries

Spikes happen…in football, in the use of retro fashions, and on unsuspecting punch bowls. Those are pretty clear-cut.

But what about when a spike in inflation happens? What does it mean?

Recent economic data is showing a surprising spike in inflation from the last month.

This timely email approaches the subject from a couple different angles and is meant to address concerns your audience might have about the recent data.

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[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Economy & Taxes

Is the economy rebounding like Shaq in the late 90’s?

Not quite.

But it’s undoubtedly on the upswing, which is good news for both you and your contacts.

What may not strike your High Net Worth contacts as good news, however, is the tax bump they could be facing from the American Families Plan.

This timely email covers both of those topics to help you stay front-of-mind with folks, and keep them calm in the face of a changing economic landscape.

More about this campaign:

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[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Taxes Going Up?

With new leadership in D.C. trying to pass a $2 Trillion spending bill, your clients and prospects are probably wondering about upcoming tax hikes.

And they’re not wrong to do so.

Help them understand what those tax increases might look like and how it could impact their businesses, investments, and plans for retirement with our latest timely email.

More about this campaign:

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[NEW] Single-Topic Email | Stimulus Recap

Stimulus checks are on the way out, vaccine money is being distributed, and jobless aid is on the way.

On top of that, a lot of rules have changed in the last year, throwing this tax season into a bit of chaos.

So we’ve put together a timely email to help your clients and prospects understand the bulk of this stimulus plan, and start a conversation about what it all means for their finances.

More about this campaign:

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