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[NEWS] The 2022 Jolt! Awards Winners

The 2022 Jolt! Awards have just been announced – and this year’s winners are truly raising the bar. 

Read on to learn about our top ten winners, what they’ve accomplished, and why they’ve been chosen as top-tier marketers in the finance industry.

What are the Jolt! Awards?

The Jolt! Award is an annual honor that recognizes the best marketing campaigns, branding, or other PR initiatives in the financial advisor or advisor-tech space. These are the campaigns that are fresh, unique, effective, and genuinely jolting. 

The vision behind this award is to encourage continuous elevation in the quality of marketing by recognizing a higher standard for all of us to strive toward. At the heart of it all, we’re looking to recognize the best of the best, and to raise the bar in the process. That’s why a Jolt! Award can be given to either individuals or companies – there’s no cap on creativity and innovation.

The best part? The Jolt! Awards have no room for politics or self-nominations. Winners are selected by a top-secret committee of industry thought leaders. You can’t buy a win, and there are no sponsors. And because we don’t believe in limiting greatness, the number of awards is determined only by the number of awesome acts of marketing in our industry.


Presenting the 2022 Jolt! Award Winners

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[NEWS] Snappy Kraken Acquires Advisor Websites

ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA – May 3, 2022 – Snappy Kraken, the award-winning MarTech firm serving financial advisors, today announced it has acquired industry website builder and existing integration partner Advisor Websites – creating a holistic solution for websites, branding and digital marketing.

“Advisors know that having a website is necessary, but very few actually benefit from what a great website can do. This is because most advisor websites are bland, undifferentiated, and disconnected from a holistic marketing strategy,” Snappy Kraken’s Chief Executive Officer Robert Sofia said. “With this acquisition of Advisor Websites, we intend to introduce the industry to what a truly unique, personalized, and strategic website can accomplish. It’s time for advisors to stop viewing their website as a mere table stakes requirement and to start viewing it as the business growth engine it has the potential to become.”

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Announcing: Steal My Strategy Podcast

Ever struggle to come up with fresh, inventive ideas?

It’s important to look outside of your own industry.

This lets you copy, repurpose, and remix different perspectives…

…the kinds that lead to breakthroughs for your business.

The computer scientist Alan Kay has a saying: “A change in perspective is worth 80 IQ points.”
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