Dec 4, 2020 By Tyler

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[NEW] Personal Connection Video | Putting 2020 in Perspective

2020 has been, well, a lot.

Financial and political turbulence, a global health emergency, nationwide protests, the list goes on.

And all this has left your clients and prospects a little uneasy.

Use our latest Personal Connection Video to share 3 lessons with them to help them keep perspective on the year that was, and be stronger facing what’s to come.

Not sure how it works? Check out this video overview of our Personal Connection Videos:



More about this campaign:

Title: Putting 2020 in Perspective

Type: Engagement Campaign

Description: 2020 was a challenging year, full of surprises and uncertainty. Connect with your clients and prospects by sharing 3 lessons from 2020 they can carry with them to be stronger in the years (and challenges) to come.

Target Audience: Clients & Prospects.

Primary Outcome/Action: Prepare folks for the New Year by keeping perspective on the year past.

Secondary Outcome/Actions: Keep your face in front of prospects and clients during uncertain times.

Running Time: Single email and social posts across platforms driving traffic to a Landing Page.

personal connection video diagram
This isn’t just one piece of content – it’s several. This is a brief diagram that shows the different pieces that are coordinated and published when you launch a Personal Connection Video Campaign.


Previous Personal Connection Video topics include: 

  • Election season
  • Insurance needs
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Roth conversions
  • Building resiliency
  • And more!

This year has been chaotic, both politically and financially, which is why we’ve worked to keep our Snappy Kraken members covered with ready-to-go, multi-part, automated campaigns. To find out more about how Snappy Kraken can fit into your marketing strategy, click here to see a demo.