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Apr 2, 2020 By Tyler

Communication, Marketing

Quality or Quantity: How Should Advisers Approach Their Marketing Content?

There’s a debate as to whether to focus on the quality of content, or the quantity of content.

Both angles are wrong.

It doesn’t matter how high quality your content is if no one ever sees it.

And a high quantity of content doesn’t matter either if it misses the mark. After all, whether you have 1 copy or 50 copies of the same key…if it’s not the right key, you’re still locked out!

Useful and visible content is the goal, and you can accomplish this by thinking of consistency AND value

How can you create more worthy content on a regular basis? 

Start by asking these questions to help bolster your content strategy.

What would my clients find helpful to know?

It’s easy to create content that talks about you and what you provide. And, occasionally, that works. 

But, think about this: Marketing is meant to create relationships. 

Let’s compare your relationship with clients and prospects to a bank account: you need to make more deposits than withdrawals. Asking for a meeting, or a referral, is a withdrawal. 

If you create content that is helpful for your clients, it builds trust, and makes a small relational deposit. 

If you know what they are stressed about, or perhaps confused by, and make content that helps with those areas, you’re building true value.

Can I create a sequence out of this, and post over a larger period of time?

When inspiration hits, it’s easy to create multiple pieces of content. Awesome! 

But then, there can be months in between when you don’t feel inspired. Not so awesome. 

So rather than post three times in a week, and then not again for months, consider spacing out the content and putting reminders on your calendar to post the next part. 

Remember, seeing six posts from the last six months on your blog is better than seeing six posts that are five months old.

What big cultural events need to be translated into my industry?

Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’s newsworthy. 

But checking trending topics and bridging how they fit into your industry can be beneficial. 

“Will the Coronavirus affect investments?” “How does an election year affect the market?” Be on the lookout to make easy, valuable content by keeping current and translating what that means for your clients and future clients.

Can I get more use out of this content by creating different versions across platforms?

Often, a blog post becomes just a blog post. In reality, there are quotes from the post you can turn into tweets. There are images, or visuals, you can make using quotes and put them on Instagram. 

It is similar to cross-pollinating: you can have the same content, adapted to different mediums, and create a more consistent presence across platforms. 

There is more to quality content than just adding value. Make sure what you post is best-suited for whatever platform on which you’re posting. But starting with value is best. 

We’re no strangers to content creation at Snappy Kraken.

In March alone, we published the following campaigns for our members to use:

The links above range from one-off emails to multi-channel, automated campaigns that post across a number of days. 

There’s no secret formula. “Make valuable content that clients and prospects care about.”

It isn’t always easy, and it can be time-consuming if you’re trying to do it consistently.

But, it’s invaluable for creating meaningful connections that drive business.

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